Author Spotlight: Thomas L. Vaultonburg
and Zombie Logic Press

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Thomas L. Vaultonburg

Poetry for Zombies, Outlaws, Outsiders and Lovers

Thomas L. Vaultonburg founded Zombie Logic Press in 1997. He has published four volumes of poetry, Concave Buddha (1991), Detached Retinas (1997), Flesh Wounds (2011), and Submerged Structure (2012). His poems have appeared in over 200 publications and anthologies, including Exquisite Corpse, Caliban, and The Paris Review. His latest project is a children’s book titled The Toughskin Rhinoceros Wrangler Company, co-created with artist Jenny Mathews. His books can all be purchased at Zombie Logic Press. His Zombie Logic web portal is also the host of Poetry, web comics, movie reviews, artwork, and commentary on politics, football, and modern culture by poet Thomas L. Vaultonburg.

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The Toughskin Rhinoceros Wrangler Company is available now! This beautiful hard bound 32 page full color children’s book from Two Planet Press will ship immediately. “Jack is the world’s smallest rhinoceros wrangler. Wherever rhinos are on the loose, rhino Jack will be there.”

Poet Thomas L. Vaultonburg is from Rockford, IL this is his first children’s book. Houston artist & illustrator, Jenny Mathews, grew up in Rockford, IL where she plans to return this summer with her two children. Daniella Mathews is eight years old and enjoys riding her bike and learning about animals.