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You Are Tough!

It Ain’t Over Until I Say It’s Over

A Book To Inspire You To Overcome your challenges to Achieve Success

by Thomas Mietzel


Sleeping pills to go to sleep, then coffee to wake up. Chugging down Ibuprofen like they were coming out of a Pez dispenser to stave off the inevitable nasty headache. Pepto Bismol for lunch to turn off the fire in my guts, and another gulp for dinner. Fall into bed unable to shut off my mind, leading to another round of sleeping pills…day after day.

This is a book about the temporary condition of “broke” and “depressed” in which you may find yourself. You may be down, but your not defeated. You may be broke, but you’re not poor. This battle is going to be waged in your mind.

Whether you have had it all – love, money, power – and lost it all, as the author experienced, or you’ve had no great success at all (yet), “It Ain’t Over Till I Say It’s Over” provides a perspective and a mindset that is both entertaining and enlightening.

Short circuit your path to recovery and the success is that is yours with “It Ain’t Over Till I Say It’s Over.”

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