City of the Reptilians – a Sc-Fi Adventure

xaiver morden - city of reptilians

City of the Reptilians

a Sci-Fi Adventure
by Xaiver Morden


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Steven Cross, a man from a small town in Colorado goes climbing to the nearby mountains. As a result of a sudden and strong earthquake, several rifts open in the ground. From one of these, a mysterious artificial light drifts toward the surface. Giving in for his curiosity, the young man descends into the narrow hole. What he finds down there changes his life forever. A hidden, underground alien civilization opens up in front of him and holds him captive. During his adventures secrets are revealed like how humankind was created, and a danger which could wipe the human civilization from the face of the earth.


About the author: Xaiver Morden

Xaiver Morden lives in Hungary. He was born in 1983. Role playing games had a great impact on him when he was a teenager. This is why he started writing. He wrote his first novel in the fantasy genre. His favorite genres are sci-fi and fantasy.