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Writing Habit Mastery

Cure Writer’s Block

by S. J. Scott

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LEARN:: How to Forever Eliminate Writer’s Block and Write THOUSANDS of Words a Day
Do you struggle to write every day? Many people dream of becoming a successful author, but can’t *find* the time to write. The truth is this: Great writers don’t have more time than you do. They make time to write. Not only do they make time, they also follow specific routines that help them avoid writer’s block altogether.

By developing the “writing habit” you’ll have the confidence to sit down in front of a computer every day, knowing the words will come.
YOUR GOAL:: Write 2,000 Words a Day — Every Day!
One of the key factors to effectively developing ANY habit is choosing a specific, measurable goal. So if you want to become a prolific writer, then you’ll need to choose a specific word count for each day. While I *suggest* 2,000 words as a goal, you can pick any number that fits in with your busy schedule. You might choose 500 or 1,000 words a day. Or, you might have more time than I do (or write faster than I do) and choose to write 3,000 or 10,000 words each day. The important thing is to establish a daily word count goal and then stick to it.

In “Writing Habit Mastery” you’ll learn how to incorporate writing into your daily routine. What you’ll get is a strategy and list of tools that will help you develop a sustainable writing habit and demolish writer’s block.

About the Author:

S.J. Scott believes that the way to improve yourself is to set achievable goals and develop daily habits that move you towards these outcomes. That’s why he publishes actionable books that help you immediately develop positive habits.