Free: What he did to her (romantic, adult, steamy, humorous)

sm mala-what he did

What he did to her

(romantic, adult, steamy, humorous)

by S M Mala

FREE March 12 – 14

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Conor’s life consists of drugs, drink and getting dirty with as many women as possibly.

He doesn’t care about the size, shape or colour as long as they want uncomplicated fun then he’s happy. For him love and relationships come with dire consequences and that’s not how he wants to live his life.

To Conor’s dismay, he finds his married boss Marcus, is having a fling with his very own sister Debs, and Conor has been asked to cover the trail by lying to the boss’s wife. The only problem is that he works with Neve and she’s no pushover……..Except ‘love’ is creeping up on him in an unexpected place that he would just about do anything to avoid. And temptation is going to lead him and his loved ones into trouble with serious consequences…….

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