Sometimes the storyteller is as riveting as the story…
WAS by Beth Kander

beth kander bookWAS

by Beth Kander


Sometimes the storyteller is as riveting as the story.
Mainstream fiction / whimsical realism. Weaves together the real-world struggles of a single mother, with the magical stories of a mysterious hospice patient she finds in her care.


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Hospice nurse Wilma Jones gave up on having an extraordinary life long ago. A single mother with little to her name but debt and disappointment, she at first overlooks the mysterious new patient who arrives at Evergreen Hospice. Mr. Was makes all sorts of fantastic claims, telling her tales of the days he spent traveling the world, or slaying dragons, or falling in love with a prostitute.

Eventually, the stories told by Was draw Wilma in – some seem like fairy tales, others like memories. Soon they become the highlight of her day, the only thing keeping her going as the rest of her life falls apart. But when Wilma is involved in a terrible accident, her own story takes a surprising turn.

Exploring the nature of stories and our very selves, Was will make you question all that is, and think anew about all that will be.


Meet the Author: Beth Kander

beth kander picBeth Kander writes fiction, children’s books, stage plays, screenplays, and more. Her first children’s book, “Glubbery Gray, The Knight-Eating Beast” was published by Pelican Publishing in 2010; her debut novel, “Was,” is now available as an e-book; and two of her plays are now available for production from Steele Spring Theatrical Licensing. The honest truth, though, is that Beth will probably never be as famous as her dog, Dov, a shelter rescue who does a stupid pet trick that went viral and landed him on Web Soup, Attack of the Show, and even smack dab in the middle of Jay Leno’s monologue one night (all of this is 100% true). Being less famous than your dog is guaranteed to keep her humble, but she still hopes to find a loyal readership and carve out a name for herself.

Connect with Beth:
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