Meet Author: Wade Cox

Wade Cox book Splintered: 5 Dark Tales

by Wade Cox


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Genre: Horror

Five tales of greed, power, danger, control, and justice. You will meet a Mexican Mafia package boy, a lost Civil War soldier, a New Orleans Vampire, and a career thug. They will all meet surprising and terrifying ends. Welcome to the darkest corners of your own mind…if you dare.


Meet The Author: Wade Cox

wade coxWade Cox was born and raised in Southwest Virginia. He developed a love of fiction early. His literary influences range from Stephen King to Jimmy Buffet. He has traveled extensively, living in California (where he wrote his first book). He currently resides outside Orlando, Florida.

He has written 2 books and numerous short stories that have appeared in anthologies all over the place. In addition to his writing, he also works in film, on the back side of the camera. He has written for film, directed, run sound, produced, and many other jobs.

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