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Tiana, you have had such a well rounded education with degrees in Technology, Psychology and Management. How does becoming an author fit in to your diverse background?

That’s a good question. Believe it or not I get this particular question more often than anyone would think. Becoming an Author doesn’t fit into any of the educational endeavors I sought out to achieve. Writing was something I’ve always wanted to do. Becoming an Author allowed me to add another skill set to my list of accomplishments due to my loving the idea of being a jack of all trades. Being diverse allowed me to conquer the idea of not allowing limitations to my career.


When did you realize that you had a passion for storytelling and writing?

I’ve always been inspired to write since I was around or about the age of 13. I would write short stories that were intended to be full novels, however somehow I would tell the entire story in the first five pages. I was discouraged by that particular short coming, and because of that I stopped writing as much. I officially started to develop a writing career in 2010. I was employed as a Call Center Response Coordinator, and at the time when I was least expecting it to happen I started writing full time.


Was there someone special who inspired you or encouraged you with your writing?

Absolutely there is. The list is extremely long and almost impossible to narrow down. The very first novel that I read inspired me so much that I re-read the book five times. I loved the story just that much. That novel was titled Disappearing Acts by Terry McMillan. After reading that title I went on to read each and every word that she’d ever written, and because of her style of literature I was influenced to put my best foot forward.


Your first book in this series, Deceitful Temptations sounds like a real intriguing storyline. You have a beautiful couple, a man of the cloth, politics and deceit. What was your inspiration for this series?

Tiana-Nicole-Deceit1My inspiration was I felt as if I needed to shed light on the fact that regardless of who we are in life, and what we’ve set out to accomplish, we all have our flaws and our faults. No one person has perfected the craft of life. We all have imperfections.


We share Chicago as home base, and there’s plenty of crazy politics, temptation, and deceit in this busy city. Does any Chicago style drama inspire your storytelling?

It’s always music to my ears when I hear someone reveal The Windy City is their hometown. Because we’re both from the same city, we both know how much deceit and drama the city has to offer. Chicago is a beautiful city, however I chose to not draw my inspiration from the background due to the nation wide press coverage on violence that’s being conveyed through the media waves. In my opinion we’ve heard all that we could bear within the media in regards to the issue, and I didn’t want to inflict the same message, in my writing and for that reasoning I chose to go a different route for my story line.


In this first book, Deceitful Temptations, your main characters Pastor Maurice & Charmaine are flawed with some questionable morals. Will your readers have sympathy for them or will we want to see them punished for their sins?

As I developed the characters I myself felt both sympathy and punishment was very deserving, and I’m the Author behind the pen. (LOL) So to answer the question I definitely think the readers decisions will be the feelings of both sympathy and punishment.


So once your readers are hooked after reading Deceitful Temptations what should we expect next in Deceitful Revenge and Deceit over Loyalty? Do these upcoming books continue the story of Maurice & Charmaine?

With both Deceitful Revenge, and Deceit over Loyalty the readers can expect a much more intense and higher level of page turning drama. Both titles will in fact continue to either touch bases on the lives of Charmaine & Maurice, or continue to tell their story all while introducing new characters to the storyline that will definitely add a mind blowing twist.


When do you expect to release the next 2 books?

At Dark Berry Publications we’re adamant about producing quality over quantity. With those important aspects being a major part of what we stand for, I wouldn’t want to speak out of terms by producing an exact date, however I’m hopeful we can set an official release date before the holiday season goes into full swing.


Is there anything else you would like to share with your readers?

Of course, I would like to thank my readers for all of the support and love I’ve received. Almost daily I receive an inquiry in reference to the release of Deceitful Revenge. Those readers give me the motivation to keep thriving, and for that I am grateful because without any dedicated readers….there would be no Tiana Nicole. I’d also like to inform my readers that I won’t keep you all waiting for too long, and to keep your eyes open and your ears to the streets for a mind blowing project that’s currently in the works with myself and a few more talented Authors who have been proven to put heat to their pens.


Thank you Tiana for giving us an opportunity to share your book with our followers during your Book launch Book Tour!

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