The Set Up and The Inside Job
Thrillers by Felix Riley

Secret Service Agent Mike Byrne is too late . . .

Too late to save the one man who knew the truth – the star witness who was about to blow the whistle on the biggest banking scandal in history. Too late to stop an innocent man from dying, and so plunging the world of high finance into a death spiral of violence and murder.

Because payback for bankers who gambled with other people’s money is being handed out in bullets and bombs. And now the only person who can keep the bankers alive is Agent Byrne, who finds himself having to protect the very people he swore to take down. Before long Byrne is locked into a deadly fight with an unseen enemy – an enemy that will stop at nothing to get what they want . . .



New York City – present day.

The Investigator… is under investigation for the cold-blooded murder of four Wall Street bankers. The NYPD have motive, they have opportunity – and they have it on film.

The Conspiracy… involves the very people we were meant to trust. They have money, they have power, and they have Mike Byrne in their sights.

The Set-Up… requires a fall guy.

Mike Byrne has a past that was meant to stay that way – in the past. Only, the past has a way of catching up with you. Instead he finds himself caught in a race against time, trying to prevent an attack in New York City, an attack that nobody else can stop.

They want Mike Byrne framed. They want Mike Byrne dead. But they forgot what he was trained to do…



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