Get Romance and Humor in this Coming of Age Novella

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This Is Witt

by Alfred Sterling


A coming of age novella with a dollop of romance and dash of humor

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For Chris Witt, life always seems to fall into place. He went to a top school, he’s just married to his college girlfriend, and he’s beginning a respectable career as a middle school science teacher. Only, below the surface, Witt is a wreck. The path he is on he did not choose–everything the result of manipulation by the people closest to him. Now, as his twenties fly by, Witt is realizing that he doesn’t have a single clue about his own identity.

Before the first decade of adulthood runs out, will he come to terms with living in his surgeon father’s shadow, his sham of a marriage, and the girl who just won’t get out of his head?




alfred sterling

Meet the Author:
Alfred Sterling

Alfred Sterling lives in Annapolis, MD, with his wife, four children, and disorderly Australian Shepard. He has a graduate degree in Public Relations from Georgetown University. “This is Witt” is his debut work.