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The Romantic Disaster

by Jessica Lovett


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Romance Short Story

Jane Williams has a pretty boring life, working as a secretary in Manhattan. So boring, in fact, that she is desperate to get away. After years of saving, Jane finally has enough money to take a once in a lifetime trip to Hawaii. Unfortunately, her boss rejects her request for vacation. Fed up with her miserable life, Jane finally quits.

After a fortuitous change in plans, Jane finds herself on a plane to Oahu, planning to spend her Christmas on the beach. Unfortunately, Jane finds herself next to the most annoying man on earth, a babbling idiot named Scott. He’s on her plane, in her hotel, in the bar, and everywhere else she wants to be. A few drinks later, her attitude begins to change and she realizes that Scott, the annoying bastard, might just be good for her.

Will Jane and Scott hit it off? Or will Jane push him away in desperation and need for space? And what secrets are holding Scott back from living his own life? Join Jane and Scott in this romantic jaunt through Hawaii and back as you discover the true meaning of love.