The Lands In Between – Science Fiction Fantasy

Mark Van Brenk-the lands in btween

The Lands In Between (Vol.1)

Science Fiction Fantasy
by Mark van Brenk

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 Science Fiction Fantasy

Accountant Elijah Green is perhaps the most normal man ever to set foot on the planet Earth. His normalcy is completely shattered when he is kidnapped by an ogre and a British cyborg who inform Elijah that he is to be recruited for a job by their employer. Little did any of them know that Elijah was to be their new boss and lead a bureaucratic organization that explores and maintains the “multiverse” in which thousands of worlds intersect. Diplomatic relations with a benevolent Genghis Khan, direct combat with a Third Reich largely populated by werewolves and saving stubborn and loyal centaurs from oppression are now in Mister Green’s job description. Is he up to the task? Is he willing to truly leave behind the normalcy of his old life and embrace a destiny he could have never imagined?


Meet The Author:  Mark van Brenk

mark van brenkMark van Brenk is a loving father of three and husband of one who lived the early part of his life in and around Sacramento, California and now lives in the suburban jungle north of Seattle, Washington. He has worked as an analyst and developer in the aviation industry for close to fifteen years. His hobbies include blogging annually, experimenting in the kitchen with cuisines and dishes previously unknown to him and staring lovingly into the beautiful eyes of his incredibly supportive wife, Cicele. He has been called “amazing” (by his children), “brilliant” (by his wife) and many, many other adjectives by many, many other people. His sense of humor is dry and witty like a very dry and witty wine. It has also been said (by him) that he is very easy on the eyes and it has also been said (by others, immediately after his boasting over his looks) that he is excellent at creating fiction.

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