50 Sure-Fire Ways To Lose Weight and Burn Fat

Colin Stuckert - 50 ways

50 Ways To Lose Weight:
50 Sure-Fire Ways
To Lose Weight and Burn Fat
Without Wasting Time, Money,
Or Your Life In The Gym

by Colin Stuckert
The founder of CrossFit Estero and AGymLife.com

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Corporations make billions on you being fat, sick and unaware. The weight-loss, supplement, food, and pharmaceutical industries profit from your ignorance. It’s part of their business model to promote misinformation and lobby for laws that increase profits and destroy your health. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Those of you that aren’t committed to doing the work should not buy this book. Save your money for diet pills and late-night infomercials.

Those of you that can work hard, follow simple instruction, and are ready to destroy your weight-loss goals, buy this book right now and get working.

This is what is waiting for you:


You will learn what makes a human fit and healthy.

What type of foods to eat and which ones to avoid.

How the speed you eat determines how much fat you gain each meal.

What chewing can do for your weight loss.

Follow the first 20 tips for long-long health and fitness. No gimmicks, fads, or extreme protocols.

How you can “eat like a king” and still lose weight!

Why most people get nutrition completely wrong.

How low-fat makes you fat…

How carbs (or a lack of) can help you lose weight.

How to eat until you’re full and still lose weight!
Foods that everyone thinks are “fattening”… but aren’t!

Techniques tested with hundreds of athletes in my business.

Why most people do too much in the gym and how it ruins their results. (And how to recover faster so this never happens!)

Learn the single thing that determines 80% (or more) of how your body looks naked.
How almost everything you see on TV is wrong… and what to do about it!

Learn the importance of recovery and body maintenance. (And how it can get you results faster!)

A weekly fitness “template” you can use as a guideline for developing your own program.





About the Author: Colin Stuckert

Colin-StuckertColin is the Founder and Co-Owner of CrossFit Estero in Fort Myers, Florida. He is the author of The Gym Life Essays: Improve Your Life Through Fitness, Food and Mindset.

My mission is to make health and fitness easy for you by arming you with the most simplified and actionable information possible……If you want control over your destiny than you must grab the reins of your life and get moving a positive direction. Then you have to do the work day every single day.….You only get about 30,000 days of life. Don’t waste another one of these precious gifts.…..Get moving. Get doing.”

Colin writes at AGymLife.com.
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