Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Spotlight: “The Days Before”
by Nichola Moffat and Lubowa.M.Planet

The days before is a novel of Fantasy and Mystery that will provide you with a good reading experience.
In this novel, Ollie Connor is a man with many answers, but his very existence raises many more questions, just as Emylya is about to find out.

When Emylya has an accident which brings her close to losing her life she ends up in Ollie’s world, a place between death and life. Back on Earth her body is in a deep coma which she may never wake from. Ollie can change that. He’s an Angel of Death and one with an offer to make.

To get the offer means you’ve missed an opportunity, one that could have brought you untold happiness. Emylya can, if she chooses, go back to Earth for thirty days, and try to find her opportunity on the condition she forfeits her life entirely afterwards. Or she can lay back in her coma, and wait. It all comes down to how much she values her forever.

Enter Sam Fisher; he’s smart, handsome and about to burst into Emylya’s life in a riot of colour, taking her on a journey that will change both of their lives forever.


Nichola Moffat first started writing at the age of fourteen when she was entered into a local essay competition through school. Out of nearly three hundred entrants she came first, her prize being having her work published and receiving a laptop, and having caught the writing bug she has not stopped churning out words since.

By the age of seventeen she’d won another two competitions, had a short story published, won an award for her work and self published two novels. Despite having a deep love for fiction she has also published press releases, submitted several articles to a variety of websites and aided the company she previously worked for with business letters, press releases for both newspaper and radio and in-store posters.

Nichola Moffat was born in the United Kingdom where she currently lives at Cornhill on Tweed, Northumberland.


At the age of 12, Lubowa.M.Planet had started writing. His passion to express himself in the written words led him to writing of several types of works focusing on science fiction and fantasy but also short drama and romance stories. He has written several books and co-authored novels. He has even thought out ideas from within other people.

He is a family man who likes to describe himself as a simple guy with a simple purpose in Life: To Help others on their way Up. His books and novels have sold thousands of copies and have received many rave reviews.

The happiest moment was when the leading National daily decided to have a Mutual agreement with him to sell his first book. It received a lot of attention and since then he has taken up a full interest in writing.


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