The Bond by Paula McCoy Williams

Paula McCoy Williams-Bond

The Bond

By Paula McCoy Williams


A story about a substitute teacher and some of the adventures she has with her students. This also tells the story of her relationship with her new husband and some of the surprises that life throws at them and the important lessons learned from the life surprises. This book has it all, action, adventure, romance, and surprises. Its a book that anyone will enjoy.



About the author:
Paula McCoy Williams

Paula has always loved the written word since she was young. She loved how stories could transport you to a different world and also help you to learn about different events. Paula has been a freelance writer/ editor for a small community newspaper in her native Canada and she has had some of her poetry published as well as an article recently published in Woman’s World Magazine. Paula hopes to inspire and help others with her writing and she has dreamed of becoming the next Danielle Steel.


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