An Artistic Assassin Thriller


The Artisan:
An Artistic Assassin Thriller

by Dyal Bailey


Warning: This thriller novel is filled with instances of dark and irreverent humor and purposefully pokes fun at things that are generally taken seriously.


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Also, if you are someone who might be offended by an asexual, Machiavellian villain or a charming, metrosexual, serial-killer-like assassin, this is definitely not the best book for you.

On the other hand, if you crave intricately woven plots with humor, mystery, and suspense at their best, a kindle and paperback thriller book with 2014 panache, and over-the-top mystery, then you will love this newly released thriller by one of the most unique debut novelists of all time.

The Story:
Beautiful biochemical assassin, Rafaela, works for the CIA making untraceable hits, wherein she infects targets with viruses that cause “natural” deaths. Burnt out, she decides to take a few days off to help a fellow scientist do the more meaningful biochemistry she longs to someday embrace.
Little does she know, her colleague is unwittingly being used as bait. His request for her help is step one in luring her straight into a deadly web. And although she thinks she’s impervious to being made vulnerable in any way, she arrives on her seemingly innocuous vacation and soon falls in love!
By the time she realizes this strike of Cupid’s arrow is part two in the evil design of her sadistic nemesis—it’s already too late.



Meet the Author: Dyal Bailey

dyal_baileyThree-year-old Dyal Bailey was sent home early from pre-school for reading aloud the picture book “How Babies Are Made” to her formerly uninformed classmates. This seemed to confirm her suspicion that books were powerful and reading them would give her access to that power.

As a teenager, she consumed two to three large bags of books every week, and although her mother supported her habit, Dyal was often in trouble for not answering her call to dinner. So consumed by what she was reading, the book had to be physically yanked from her hands before she would become alert and return to reality.

Having gobbled up books in every genre by the time she was a freshman at the University of Florida, she decided to sign up for a writing class. Sadly, her grandmother died and the funeral caused her to miss her first two classes. When she did appear, her professor had apparently experienced far too many dead grandmothers, and kicked her out of the class. But, as providence would have it, a sister in her (newly pledged) Chi Omega sorority saw Dyal crying in the hallway, and sent her to the university’s Greek advisor for reassurance and class reassignment.

The advisor couldn’t squeeze her into another writing class, but he did approve her transfer into “Opera Appreciation” with an older, yet enthusiastic professor. After the first notes of Bizet’s Toreador Song came throbbing from his over-used speakers, she was hooked for life. Although she never did make it back into a college writing class, she continued to scribble her mental ramblings onto a plethora of notebooks……..READ MORE….

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