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The Bully Killers: Part 2

A Psychological Thriller
by Michael Engelby


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The Bully Killers Serial Novel is a psychological thriller that follows the Dalinger family as they fight small-town perceptions while struggling against a mean streak of madness that lingers in the family bloodline.

Jerome’s physical defects and precarious state of mind force his older sister Josie into the roles of guardian and protector. Josie finds herself locked in a battle with a town that shows little mercy or understanding for the complications of her brother’s situation.

Charlie, the youngest of the Dalinger children, is a brooding and moody child that despises the constant humiliation that his older brother Jerome endures. Charlie grows frustrated by having to repeatedly watch while his sister Josie rips through town like a mad dog with blood dripping from her razor sharp fingernails as she returns the brutality cast upon Jerome with a savage vengeance.

Can Josie’s iron-will create a home where they can live with dignity or will it push them all over the edge? Will Jerome beat the insanity that rattles all of their minds? How will Charlie find peace amidst the chaos? Find out by following this journey where insanity and reality collide.

This is Part 2 of a 6 Part Series.

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