365 Expressions of Pure Divine Potential

 Higher Vibrational Life Reflections

 by Tanya Jopson

where the words on the page, 
mirror that inner empowered self
we all know lives within

What better way to inspire, empower and enlighten than to share the written word from someone who has transformed their life from one of extreme negative content to one that is now lived consulting and guiding others to live from that empowered inner authentic self that we all have within. I am not saying that life is always a bed of roses but that we can learn to live in a more empowered, inspired and fully spirit guided way. These daily messages remind you that the dreams and content contained within your own inner space of the heart, is the most powerful message that you have to give to the world. You are not defined by the content of your mind, nor the boundaries and limits of a mass human consciousness, but you are one with an empowered life source which created you. This life source exists at a higher vibration than the daily grind that you find yourself in, and you can align with and bring forth this aspect of yourself and let it be the guide for your life.This book reflects your enlightened space back to you! Own it, Live it, and feel free to express your genius!

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 Meet the Author: Tanya Jopson:

Tanya Jopson is an author, and Spiritual Consultant. She is best known for her ability to portray the Human Energy-Body, vibrational frequencies and their effects in everyday life. From her wisdom, clients learn how to live a spirit guided life.

Her skills include discerning the energetic reflection her clients have within their reality and how to successfully overcome any unwanted situation by changing the vibration they emit, this often entails removing any limiting childhood programming.
As the author of five books, she really has a unique perspective in her work, which she attributes to spirit guidance.

Her passion flows through her work and she if often humorous, but always compassionate, empathetic and wise as she works in a unique way with her clients, who feel enlightened, empowered and incredibly inspired.

Tanya grew up in London England and Mayo Ireland and now lives in Florida USA with her children and Siamese cat. She considers herself a consummate attendee in the school of life and is enjoying all that life has to offer. Her days are filled with harmony and joy as she ventures more into the media, with interviews and speaking engagements. And she assures us there are more books on their way!

Connect with Tanya:

Tanya’s Books: http://www.hvlcoach.com/HVLR-launch.html
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HigherVibrationalLife
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TanyaJopson