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Being Resourceful
turning no money into mo money

by Tammy Wright


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Individuals looking to amplify their income are set to get a thorough lesson in financial ingenuity when the new book, Being Resourceful Turning No Money Into Mo Money hits online books stores this is an inspirational, motivational work giving direction and creative ways to turn little or no money into more money. when you read this power packed piece of informational material your life will be forever changed.


Written by Prof. Tammy Wright, MSCJ, Being Resourceful Turning No Money into Mo Money is a dynamic resource designed to help individuals tap into their inner talent to become gainfully employed creatively. Using her years of experience of helping others, the author provides direction and profound insight into different business opportunities and ways to make money without spending or having much money.

When asked about the inspiration behind the book, Prof. Wright said: “For most of my life, I have been known as the “go to” resource person. If there was a solution to a problem, I was the person to discover it. This was always one of the top three assets that friends, family or co-workers would remark when asked of my valuable traits.

“I wanted to write something brief and inspiring for those who felt like I did for many years.

That there was nothing I could do that would fulfill my life. I’ve found the one thing that people don’t realize is that they are resourceful, if they put their minds to it.” With Christmas just around the corner, Being Resourceful Turning No Money Into Mo Money is a timely resource and is ideal resource for anyone who wants to boost their income as well as those who want to do more with the little they have. The book offers readers new and exciting perspectives for making more money and features a number of useful links throughout.

Being Resourceful Turning No Money into Mo Money makes an excellent Christmas and New Year’s gift for just about anyone who wants to improve their financial status. The book can be purchased on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Create Space & Nook. A Workbook will also be available.