Book Launch: 7 Steps to Supercharge Your Career


Gain the Edge to Supercharge Your Career and Earning Potential

David Booker and Dr. Sharon Letovsky’s dynamic new book, 7 Steps to Supercharge Your Career: Executive Insights to Move Up Fast, provides straightforward action strategies for putting your career on track to achieve more success. Learn how to build and implement a strong and practical plan that will give you a significant advantage as you drive your career forward. The book provides outstanding lessons that will guide you to dig deep and come to an authentic understanding of exactly why you desire your career goals. In addition to having easy-to-follow actions, you’ll learn a simple way to measure the results of your activities—so you can adjust and further modify your progress for maximum impact. When you complete the lessons in this book, you will define what you really want from your career. And that’s when your passion will ignite and propel you towards your greatest career achievements.  Click here to learn more about the book, bonus gifts and ordering.