Free Success Guide: Screw Negativity, Just Succeed


Get Critics to S.T.F.U.
Screw Negativity, Just Succeed

by Haoting Chow

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How to ignore the critics and skeptics in this world and be awesome anyway

Do you have any critics, skeptics or negative people in your life? How annoying are they?

Here you are working your ass off and trying your best to achieve your goals and dreams and, instead of being supportive, they are trying to weigh you down with their negativity. What you are trying to achieve is challenging enough but they are still trying to make things even more difficult for you. How ridiculous is that?!

Maybe some of them told you to be ‘realistic’ because you are thinking too highly of yourself.

Or maybe they just seem to find reasons to complain about everything in the world all the time which sucks the life out of you with their negativity.

Are there times when you wanted to give them a good slap to the face to shut them up but didn’t after considering the (mostly legal) consequences?