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by Bradford G. Wheler


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The revised and updated second addition of “SNAPPY SAYINGS: wit & wisdom from the world’s greatest minds,” by Bradford Wheler, was released today by in paper and ebook form. The book is the culmination of several years of extensive compiling and research into the wisdom of over 350 of some of history’s most insightful people. Wheler’s detailed work includes 22 simultaneously illuminating and entertaining chapters. Each chapter fuses humor, wit, wisdom, history and criticism into its pages of interwoven quotations. Controversial topics have not been avoided, as Wheler addresses religion, politics and society all through the informative lens of some of history’s greatest minds.

Snappy Sayings contains a foreword from Jay Walker, the founder of and Walker Digital, who describes the collection as “a book to be tasted or sipped, much like one might pour oneself a small after-dinner drink from a bar stocked with hundreds of exotic liqueurs.” Dr. Mark J. Tierno, President of Cazenovia College comments on the book, “Bradford Wheler’s Snappy Sayings is a useful treasure trove of entertaining and insightful quotations drawn from an extraordinarily wide range of history’s most notable thinkers and personalities. I recommend Mr. Wheler’s volume to public speakers…and to anyone who just wants a really good laugh.”