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 Growing Pains of a Teenage Werewolf
# 1 Blood

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Blood will have blood. Romeo and Juliet.
Two teenagers madly in love. 

Growing Pains of a Teenage Werewolf
 follows two adolescents madly in love facing the usual problems of growing up. Young love never burned so bright, so beautiful or so dangerously. Think of Romeo and Juliet but with a difference.
Mark Clanthorpe and Mercedes Eventide are, on the face of it, ordinary teenagers but both boy and girl are astonishingly beautiful with movie star looks and figures to match. Mark is tall for his age and apart from his beauty he appears to be a normal 17 year old except that he is very clever. Mercedes, like many 16 year old girls, could be anything from 13 to 25. She too is exceptionally clever. The other thing these beautiful people have in common is that they are the off spring of single parents both living with their respective mothers.
Mark has a mysterious past that he is slowly finding out about. Mercedes, on the other hand, is fully aware of her origins and knows that any relationship with Mark is doomed. Irresistibly drawn to each other the two protagonists start on a journey together that is to end in a totally unexpected way.
Growing Pains of a Teenage Werewolf is both a realistic portrayal of teenagers in love and a heart pounding chiller of a horror thriller romance.