Superhero Kids Against Bullying by Valerie Sherrod

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Superhero Kids Against Bullying


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Just In 2516, the Universe is no longer absent of life as many believe in 2013. Space has become a community, a community of which Earth is a relatively new member. In 2516 there are species from light years away that have lived much longer than we have. There are other races that are similar in age, and some even younger. The human race, compared to other races within in this galactic community, is still very young.

Some of these races fight with each other. Some of the more powerful races take advantage of the weaker races. Unfortunately, humans are one of these races. Humans treat other young races unfairly as much as some do the same to humans. For this reason, a group of the oldest and wisest races has formed to do something about this problem.

This group has called upon Nevaeh, a young intergalactic peace leader, to head a very special mission. They have chosen Nevaeh to travel back in time to Earth and teach its children the ways of peace and understanding before what they called ‘’bullying,’’ spread from their planet to others. Accompanying Nevaeh on her mission is her galactic friend “Dunamis” who has extraordinary genius powers.