The Vampire Dancer Saga

Shalimar Ali - Vampire dancer saga

The Vampire Dancer Saga

by Shalimar Ali


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• Playboy Dracula charms Nefertiti in ancient times, while his descendant playboy Drake puts the move on our Cousin TeeTee in our time.

• Cleopatra began her journey as one of the most beautiful woman in the world. A jealous rival, Ammut, turns her into an ugly duckling. Will Gene the Genie still love her?

• Queen NayTure can control the powers of the universe, change night into day, change mortals into vampires. But can she control her heart from falling from falling in love with a man who also loves Malice?

• Princess Aaliyah, daughter of Cleopatra and Prince Nate Ram is a belly dancer trying to win the heart of King Tut. Her doppelganger, Alyce, belly dances to win the affection of Hutch, Tut’s descendant.

• Queen Salome, the immortal vampire has acquired some new allies from her witch coven to continue her battle against her enemy Ro’Zha. Ro’Zha, a mortal harem dancer, begins her journey on a magic carpet ride. A genie sends her to the future to meet her doppelganger Granny Rosa Smith, a powerful witch.


Meet the Author: Shalimar Ali

Shalimar AliMy belly dance journey began in 1978 as a student. Later on I became a dance performer, dance instructor, choreographer and dance troupe director. I have 3 books: The Vampire Dancer Saga, Learn to Belly Dance Textbook and Certification Program and Belly Dance with Shalimar Ali. In addition to belly dance classes, I also took ballet, tap and jazz as a child and Hawaiian, Tahitian, Flamenco, African and Indian dance workshops as an adult.