“Opening Inner Freedom” and Achieving Your Goals with Certified Professional Coach: Kate Burke


Welcome to a personal transformation, self help book with tips and tools for opening your inner freedom on any goal. The tips in this book may be quite new to many who have been working on goals for sometime. One particular method of working with goals, I found to be the missing piece of the puzzle. It is very effective and easy. This book is an introduction to taking that missing piece of the puzzle for an expanded exploration which is experiential, rather than intellectual. Perhaps a reason for its effectiveness. This book has introductory simple practical tips to be applied right now.

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“Opening Inner Freedom. Tips for Transforming Goals Now.
Noticing a presence of awareness for having goals and beyond.”


If you have a goal, or don’t have a goal, this book will provide practical tips and tools for opening those goals and taking the steps for having them. It may even awaken deeper more heartfelt goals.

It is also an invitation to discover your own inner truth of who you are beyond the daily surface issues, through experiential tools. One of the tools is used by the teachers from the book “The Secret”, a missing piece of the puzzle particularly around goals.


A Message from the Author

Kate Burke

My name is Kate Burke and I was lead down a path of personal transformation after experiencing personal trauma as a young adult. Trained as PhysEd Teacher and teaching for 13 years, the “mindset” and beyond of human beings, as well as enhancing emotional intelligence was discovered, in my experience, to be one of the most interesting and important areas of sustaining safe and harm free relationships, both professional and personal.

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