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Secrets Of The Game: What Alpha Males, Pickup Artists and Beautiful Women Never Tell About Love vs. Lust, Marriage vs. Bachelor Life


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Following up to his bestselling 2013 release The Masculine Way, Dylan Thrasher returns with a hard-hitting, honest and sure-to-be-controversial look at the biggest question every successful practitioner in the seduction community must ask at one point: choosing between Love and Marriage vs. Lust and the Bachelor Life. For any man successful in the pursuit of women deciding between enjoying single life vs. living happily attached, Secrets of the Game doesn’t hold back in looking deeply within both realms.

Many books have been written in the exploding genre of the seduction community, targeted and tailored for either current, or those desiring to be, pickup artists, alpha males, PUA experts, players, womanizers, seduction students and more. They are chock full of routines, lessons, tricks and more hocus-pocus. This book isn’t one of them. Instead, incorporating philosophy on becoming a better “Natural” with women, the reader is taken on a journey where they are exposed to it all:

• The idea of Booty Calls and Friends-with-Benefits situations, and how to set them up with ease
• Setting up dates in a way that sex is virtually a given
• Why the whole concept of “dating” is outdated
• The ONE secret that no one comes out and tells you that is better than anything else you need to know, whether you want love with one or options with many
• The idea of Marriage, and what’s required before one even thinks about it
• Ten MUST-HAVE’s in a woman for her to be considered “wife-material”
• What truly constitutes a “Ride or Die” chick
• And of course, how to choose between Marriage vs. Single Life

For any looking to cut deeper into the world of dating, love and relationships than is typically written about, with a focus on promoting personal transformation and self-improvement for more fulfilling interpersonal relationships of all kind, this book is ideal in the area of men’s gender studies with the author’s trademark incorrigible humor thrown in.

Also includes a free bonus section highlighting the 5 compatibility traits necessary for lasting relationships.