Scientology – History, Beliefs, Rules, Secrets, Facts



History, Beliefs, Rules, Secrets and Facts

by Boyd Grant


Scientology is arguably the most controversial of all the religions. When you mention Scientology to someone you are almost guaranteed to get some kind of reaction or opinion.

A new book, What Is Scientology – History, Beliefs, Rules, Secrets and Facts, will help shed some light on one of the most controversial topics of all time, Scientology.


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About the Author: Boyd Grant

Boyd Grant is the youngest of six siblings and was raised in a strict religious family that faithfully attended and practiced the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church. Throughout his childhood he was forced to regularly attend Sunday school, Sunday Mass, Midnight Mass, Catechism classes, Baptisms, Confession and other miscellaneous church functions.

When Boyd turned eighteen he refused to attend church or practice the beliefs of the Catholic Church. Boyd was somewhat disowned by his parents and forced to move out of the family home. Boyd packed up his belongs and moved across country from the east coast to the west coast and has not looked back.

Boyd has traveled and backpacked through many parts of the country and dabbled in eastern religions and philosophies. Boyd attended a few Scientology meetings in his early twenties but now in his thirties wanted to learn more about the controversies, values, beliefs and myths of Scientology.

Nowadays Boyd describes himself as “spiritual” verses religious. Boyd loves new experiences and meeting new people. Boyd encourages everyone to live in the moment and love with an open mind. In his free time Boyd enjoys surfing, hiking, science fiction and spending time with his fiancée Sue and their rescue dogs Muttley and Thor.