The Sceptre of Zanafiar by Reno Charlton
A Children’s/YA Fantasy Novel


The Sceptre of Zanafiar

by Reno Charlton

‘Cast across Zanafiar in different places, unknowingly guarded by all of its races, the seven gems will remain hidden there, until found by the rightful keeper and heir’

Fourteen year old William Dolman has spent most of his life in children’s homes feeling like an outsider. However, his life changes when he receives a mysterious parcel – a book…but all the pages are blank. William starts to have weird dreams about the book and a stranger who seems to be willing him to use it.

However, the book still remains a puzzle until one night, as he tries to dodge some of the bullies at the home, he finds himself transported to a strange new world. This is where William’s adventures really begin, as he – along with a selection of rather unusual companions that he meets along the way – sets out to complete a quest to restore a magical sceptre…the Sceptre of Zanafiar.

In an adventure that is filled with excitement yet fraught with danger, William discovers not only a whole new world but also finds himself on a magical journey of self discovery where he learns who he really is and finally discovers his destiny.



A Message from the Author: Reno Charlton

Having been brought up on Enid Blyton, my love of children’s magic and fantasy was developed at an early age, with my favourite childhood books being The Enchanted Wood series. As I got older, I continued to read my favourite children’s books (which I still do) but also became a big fan of horror, particularly works by Stephen King. I believe that both of these legendary authors have helped to influence my writing and shape my career, enabling me to write in two distinct and different genres catering for both imaginative children and older readers who enjoy stories with a twist.

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