For Dear Life – betrayal, discovery, and forgiveness

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 For Dear Life

A memoir of betrayal, discovery, and forgiveness

by Sarah Tauber


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Imagine a young American couple embarking on a two-year adventure in Tehran, Iran…….. The husband is a highly intelligent, workaholic computer geek with little time or attention for his bride. She is bored with her marriage and looking for something to ignite her passion, to make her feel desirable and loved. She finds an opportunity with a handsome Iranian who crosses her path shortly after their arrival in Tehran. Rather than question the potentially devastating consequences of acting out her fantasy, she charges forward with a tenacity that can only come from her young and foolish heart and not her head. The web of lies that she ultimately weaves entangles everyone involved-her, the husband, the lover, and most sadly, her young son. It is a journey of betrayal, discovery, and forgiveness. What felt like a beautiful love story turned into a tormenting nightmare. From the threat of criminal court, to an attempt at kidnapping her son, she demonstrates that one can survive even after making the worst mistake of your life. I lived this story almost forty years ago. It was the most challenging and difficult time of my life. In the end, I realized my choice was to either fall apart or start laughing at the absurdity of it all……


About the Author: Sarah Tauber

Sarah TauberA little about the author: After a long and successful corporate career, Sarah Tauber recently retired to pursue her passion for horseback riding. Throughout her life, Sarah has travelled and lived in many parts of the world. With so many stories to tell, it became important for her to share parts of her life that family and friends knew little or nothing about. “For Dear Life” is a memoir covering the two years she lived in Tehran, Iran and experienced the most challenging time of her life. Sarah resides in San Diego County, CA with her husband of nine years. She has two grown sons and five grandsons.


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