Parenting the Strong-Willed Child

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Parenting the Strong-Willed Child Now:
Converting your Child’s Unruly Energy into Potential


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Have you ever felt desperate and helpless as you tried to get your strong-willed child to behave? Do you often feel like a failure because he just won’t listen to you? Does parenting without power-struggles sound like a far-fetched dream?

Rachel Rubin knows how you feel. She tried and tried to force her spirited son to follow the rules. Then she found something that worked and it’s simpler than you’ve ever imagined.
Having reformed her relationship with her defiant child, in Parenting the Strong-Willed Child Now: Converting Your Child’s Unruly Energy Into Potential, Rubin shares her research, experience, and insights so you can do the same. Using a practical, straightforward, no-resistance system that anyone can follow, Parenting the Strong-Willed Child Now translates the complexities of parenting into nine fundamental tools that will enable you to develop the best in your child.
Whatever your child’s specific circumstances, Parenting the Strong-Willed Child Now can help. Each parenting strategy is designed to be adaptable to your needs.


You’ll learn how to:

• Set effective, long-term parenting goals
• Leverage oxytocin, a naturally produced chemical that fosters cooperation
• Solve underlying causes of misbehavior
• Connect deeply with your child through empathy and understanding
• Stop yelling, maintain self-control, and preserve your sense of authority
• Set productive boundaries and select appropriate consequences for misbehavior
• Harness the power of habit and routines
• Develop and enhance your child’s self-belief, self-image, and self-control
• Empower your child to make high-level choices

And much, much more!

You CAN raise the mature, kind, productive adult you know your child is capable of becoming. Start using Parenting the Strong-Willed Child Now today, and watch your child blossom!

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Questions & Answers:

Q: What type of child does this parenting system address?
A: The system presented here caters first and foremost to the unique needs of the strong-willed child. Otherwise known as the spirited child, defiant child, or explosive child, this is a kid who is more prone to power struggles than his average counterparts due to his higher-than-average intensity, persistence, sensitivity, and, often, perceptiveness. The strong-willed child generally learns better through experiment than instruction and has an irrepressible need for independence, and this system is designed to bring out this child’s unique potential.
However, the principles in this book are universal and they work well with more mellow and naturally cooperative children as well. The book will also prove helpful with children who may not be clinically “strong-willed,” but who are going through a difficult period for whatever reason. Many of the techniques here can also work wonders with the anxious child, the angry child, and the insecure child.

Q: What resources did the author use to develop the parenting system presented in her book?
A: The author’s system is based primarily on her research as well as her experiences with her own children.