Rock Solid Joy by Steven Morse

Rock Solid Joy

Rock Solid Joy! is a look at Joy and spirituality with a critical mindset. It is the “everyman’s” approach based on life experiences and common sense. There are no fancy sayings or cutesy idealistic mantras. This book is all about you. This book will show you where joy comes from, what stops you from receiving it, and how to have and keep joy with you at all times. Here are a few of the things the book covers.

Section One – What is Joy?
* Describes where joy comes from. It actually has a source.
* Shows who we are. You are far more than what you see in the mirror.
* It will show how each and every person alive on this planet is spiritually connected.
* It answers the question, “Why We Are Here”.

Section Two – What’s Stopping Your Joy?
* Shows how religion can be a bondage…if you let it.
* Describes the difference between religion and spirituality.
* Shows how to have a positive life balance.
* It describes how selfishness affects our joy.
* It tells how controlling personalities deplete our joy.
* Describes how our daily life distractions block our joys.
* Shows how the people we associate with can hamper our joy.
* It shows the dangers of materialism.

Section Three – How to Find Joy!
* How to claim joy as a Birthright.
* How to find joy through faith.
* How to build a real relationship with God.
* How to “focus shift” our attention to joy.
* How to discover spiritual equality regardless of religion, or race.
* How to recognize our joy abundances.
* How to live in every moment of the day to find joy.
* How to be yourself and what someone wants you to be.
* How to do a complete joy makeover.

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