FREEBIE- Coming of Age Novel about Bulimia & Depression

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Cornelia Avila

A Coming of Age Novel
about Bulimia & Depression


FREE Dec 26-28


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You wake up one day and there he is: the great question “Why?”. He’s here, and he won’t go away. You manage to roll out of bed, drag yourself to the bathroom. Toothpaste on your toothbrush, sleep in your eyes. You look up and he’s staring right at you.

“Why does this matter? Why does any of this matter?” he asks.

You don’t have an answer. You sit on the toilet, hold your knees, squeeze your eyes shut hoping it’ll go away. The toothbrush idles in your mouth. You’re right, you think, there’s nothing.

And so the search begins, the search for love, for purpose, for hope. Only one question remains.

Are you ready to lose yourself?