FREE Mystery Thriller – The Legend of Rising Fawn

Rebekah Strong - writeasrain_thelegend

The Legend of Rising Fawn


Mystery Thriller
by Rebekah Strong


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At twenty-two Grace Thorne slammed the door in her father’s face and left to make her name in the big city. After a ten-year stint as a complete failure, she retreats, broken and addicted, to the mountainous haven of Mentone, Alabama to start over.

Grace swaps her NYPD blue for sheriff brown and tries to forget that her father died without ever seeing his daughter again. She tries to forget that the small town girl couldn’t hack it in the real world. She tries to forget about the dead kids.

When Logan Prescott shows up in town with a young girl and some serious holes in his backstory, Grace thinks he has too many secrets to be trusted. Mentone disagrees. As the entire town welcomes Logan and his daughter, Grace is forced to confront her own prejudices and the debilitating regret she thought she left behind.

Her investigation exposes a truth far more sinister than she ever imagined and Grace finds herself caught in a fight she’s already lost once. This time she will stop at nothing to protect the ones she loves and, perhaps, atone for her past. But when Logan’s secrets turn deadly, she begins to understand that her own redemption may cost her everything.