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Not So Innocently Abroad

by Ken Richters


Free October 24-25

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From award-winning actor and playwright Ken Richters comes this original, irreverent, and funny travel memoir of his month-long U.S. State Department goodwill tour of Russia and Ukraine at Mark Twain. Originally scheduled for two shows in Moscow, the mission was extended for nearly a month to retrace Twain’s travels in Eastern Europe. The book chronicles performance stops in Moscow, Kiev, Odessa, Simferopol, Sevastopol, and the Livadia Palace in Yalta; almost causing a Russian Black Sea Fleet diplomatic incident; hallucinating on a road trip to Crimea seeing a naked Oprah Winfrey after self-medicating to cure the croup; and how, unknowingly, making the same observation about the beauty of Ukrainian women that caused Joe Biden public ridicule, elevated Richters to a Ukrainian media cause célèbre.