Childrens Book About Pet Rescue – Free Sept. 11th only!

zehavit- richard finds

Richard Finds True Love

A Story About an Abandoned Dog

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Have you ever seen an abandoned dog on the street and wondered what will happen to him? In this wonderful and heart-warming children’s book for kids aged 3 to 6 years old, a lost Boxer dog’s life changes forever when a lovely woman, Lee, finds him. She calls him Richard and takes him home. Lee only wants to help, but isn’t sure how her sad daughter, Jessie, will feel about the new visitor. Giving an abandoned dog a new home isn’t always that easy, you know.

Will he stay with Lee and Jessie or will he have to go to the shelter? Life is full of surprises, and for every lost soul there is a mate somewhere. Maybe Richard is meant to be with Jessie and Lee. Maybe he can cheer Jessie up. And maybe… just maybe… they can change each others’ lives forever.