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When You Leave This Way
(Unfairytale Series)

By Randy Pendleton



In the real world, the wave of a wand will not mend a shattered childhood.

Brandon Wright lives a reality no child should ever have to endure. The revealing of a hitherto unknown piece of information leads to a bizarre series of events that claims four victims–one death orchestrated by Brandon’s own hand. Joined with his siblings and friends, he hops aboard a train, to leave his troubles behind.

The result is a descent into decadence, spiraling downward from poverty, encounters with predators, and meeting with an enigmatic man who presents them all with what he dubs the proverbial perfect crime. Brandon’s quest for atonement becomes a personification of grave peril: The harder he tries to seek repentance, the more his world collapses.

With destitute conditions and a weighty conscience, can Brandon return the childhood he stole from those in his company? Can the secret be deduced before it tears away what little remains of his world? Life has taken its bitter turn, and When You Leave This Way, you’ll find yourself wishing that some things remain kept in the dark.