Vengeance in the North Woods

Randy_Peters - Vengeance_in_the_Northwoods
Vengeance in the North Woods

by Randy Peters

 Action, Adventure, Wolf Pack

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Come join Thor’s wolf pack as they embark on an epic exodus. Pushed from their home by human encroachment, hunger soon plagues the pack. Despite his son’s objections, Thor decides they must raid a farm in order to survive. After a vicious argument, Thor forces his decision onto his son. Tragedy strikes forcing the pack to move west in search of The Land of the Buffalo, a fabled place where man is not seen and wolves live together in peace. Shouldering an immense guilt, Thor leads his family into new territory. Along the way, they face everything Mother Nature throws at them: rain, snow, fire, tornado, flood and worst of all, humans. They follow a path riddled with triumph and tragedy, birth and death as they try to stick together and find some peace.


A Message from the Author: Randy Peters
Randy Peters-SAM

Vengeance in the North Woods started as an assignment in my creative writing class. I let my mind wander and it landed on my wolf hybrid, Thor, and his St. Bernard/German Shepherd mate, Athena. I let the story unfold in its own way, did lots of editing and turned it in. After my teacher and some friends read it, they all encouraged me to pursue it in novel form. I spent about two years putting it together and getting it published. I loved every last moment I spent writing it.

Randy is a native born Northern Vermonter who loves the outdoors and all the tales hidden within it. He loves writing wolf stories, but also enjoys slice of life and a little horror. In short, he revels in spinning a good yarn. He and his wife keep seven dogs. Thor is their wolf hybrid and the inspiration for “Vengeance in the North Woods”. The rest of his pack lives with them, some with their son, and some have gone to “The Great Hunting Grounds.”