A World Without End – Christian Fiction

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A World Without End


Christian Fiction
by John Probst


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Throughout the ages, many different religions have presented their idea of the origins of mankind. Ideas of God are represented worldwide in an attempt to provide people with three specific answers. The questions that are asked include where do we come from, why are we here, and where are we going after death. Those that are skeptical of religions often believe that religion is no more than a crutch, a way of making people feel more comfort as they progress through life, moving toward the ultimate debt that all people have to pay. However, for those that are true believers, individuals that have found that the religion of Christianity provides them with the truth about the nature of God and reality that brings them the most comfort, there are controversial ideas surrounding this religion, some of which are seldomly discussed.

In A World Without End, a story that is fictional in nature, but one that provides an interesting perspective on the origins of God and mankind as taken from the Bible. Familiar stories such as the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, the destruction of the Tower of Babel, Noah the Great Flood, and of course the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, are well known throughout most of the world today. There are common beliefs that are taught within the context of the church, what true believers tend to believe. However, there are fringe concepts, those that are both controversial, and also truths that are not properly understood, many of which are discussed in A World Without End.

This story presents the quest of two fallen angels, Allaric and Llyrica, that have realized they made the wrong choice. In a battle between the Archangel Michael and Satan in Heaven, they found themselves hedged on the wrong side. Through their choice of following Satan, they were cast into the depths of hell, where Satan plans to avenge their defeat. Through interactions with fallen angels that become demons, in their quest for the souls of mankind, Allaric and Llyrica try to find salvation with the help of the angel Metatron, in their quest to reenter the Gates of Heaven.

A World Without End discusses many controversial topics such as the 5 Detriments of Mankind, the real reason that Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden, and the real path of Salvation. It also helps you understand the Immaculate Conception and the true nature of Mary the Blessed Mother of God. Finally, through the eyes of Allaric and Llyrica, we get to witness everything from the point of creation, to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Savior of Mankind, and the plan that God has for all of us after the Second Coming of Christ.

So journey with us in this fictional account of two angels, Allaric and Llyrica, on their quest for salvation, for knowledge, and how they discover that this truly is a world without end.


About The Author:

After having taught humanities classes for 40 years, Mr. Probst is now retired and lives in northern CA where he writes, travels and involves himself in local musical productions. A World Without End is his sixth novel.