Do You Have: “The Face of a President” ?

The Face of a President

Fascinating face recognition analysis can predict if you could become the next President.


The Science of Face Recognition
Impacts Your Life Directly!

Whether it’s time for the Presidential election or another election, the faces of those who win the election will be seen for many months to come.

Isn’t it time to look beyond what you see right now on a face and discover the facial characteristics of a leader and a President?

In The Face of a President, you will discover the results of a first level facial recognition analysis of the previous 44 Presidents’ faces. What do they all have in common? How can these commonalities predict who will be the next President?


Another Book That Will Change the Way You View Faces

In this easy-to-read, eye-opening book that introduces you to the field of facial recognition, the following will be revealed:

– What characteristic every single President since George Washington has had on his face. (If you do not have this one, you will never be President.)

– Why a certain type of eyebrow denotes strength while others don’t

– What the height of a President’s lips says about him

– How President Clinton became President based on one sexy feature

– How to tell the difference between Presidents who look alike, and always get it right

– How you got into face recognition as a baby without even knowing it

– And a lot more…
Don’t be surprised if you can recognize and name many of the Presidents after reading this book. This introduction to face recognition makes the subject real and practical for anyone to learn! You can even learn it with your children.


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Meet the Author: Dr. Donna Schwontkowski

At a very young age, Donna Schwontkowski surprised her family with a sketch of a pretty young girl’s face. Proud of what she had done, she was surprised when her family warned that becoming an artist was not a desired occupation for girls. Not knowing any better, she took what they said as gospel and transferred her passion to the development of intellectual skills and honed her cooking skills.

With a Midwestern work ethic, she busied herself by obtaining her first nutrition degree and worked in professional jobs until a friend told her all the medical sciences he was learning in chiropractic school. “It’s everything you always wanted to know,” he assured her, and she immediately applied, was accepted, and resigned as Dietitian/Director of Food Service at a 197-bed nursing home.

One time in her life, Donna returned back to her love of drawing the face when a marketing manager failed to organize memory seminars. Counting on the income from those seminars, she had to think and act quickly. She enrolled in a four-week art course in Chicago and the instructor mentioned how easy it would be to learn how to do caricatures. She invested in the video training, practiced on everyone she met, and the next weekend she was booked at a booth at a July 4th town festival. At that event, she made enough money to meet all her expenses.

While at chiropractic school, Donna saw the need for not only herself but other students to learn large volumes of information quickly. Because there was no system that taught medical students to do this, she created her own system, which was later named the Million Dolllar Memory Method. She set up seminars to help students master their coursework and they flocked to her seminars.

After graduating and practicing chiropractic medicine with an emphasis in nutrition and herbs for awhile, it was the 911 tragedy that prompted Dr. Donna to create a memory system for people to remember faces flawlessly. Her first book, Million Dollar Memory for Names & Faces, was followed by the Who Was That Person? book series – How to Identify Someone Just From Their Eyebrows, How to Identify Someone Just From Their Eyes, and How to Identify Someone Just From Their Nose. There are worldwide reviews for these books on the website,

Dr. Donna still enjoys giving keynote speeches and training in not only face recognition, but also nutrition, health and memory. She can be reached through her website.

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