Powerful Prayer to Protect and Bless Your Family

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Powerful Prayer to Protect &
Bless Your Family

(Trusting God Series)
by Lynda D. Brown

School shootings, workplace massacres, record foreclosures and job layoffs.What in the world is going on? We’re at war with a very old and crafty enemy. In this step by step guide you’ll learn how to have victory in every aspect of your life by using the “keys of the Kingdom” and the “weapons of our warfare” to defeat the enemy and live the abundant life Jesus died on the cross for us to have!

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Meet the Author –  Lynda D. Brown

Lynda D BrownAfter publishing her first non fiction title, Once I Was Lost, with a traditional publisher in 2006, author Lynda D. Brown decided to create her own independent publishing company and Spoken Word Press was born. In May 2010, Lynda published her first novel, Invisible Enemies, a supernatural thriller with a biblical message. While writing book one, her characters began to take on a life of their own, and Lynda decided to create a series based on the characters in the original book.

In August 2011, Seed of Satan: Leah’s Story, book two in the series was published.

In late October of 2010, Lynda created The Author Chat Show, an online podcast for self published authors to showcase their work. Currently the website has over one hundred and sixty members.

April 2012, Invisible Enemies and Seed of Satan were both on Amazon’s Best Sellers List for a couple of weeks.
Genres: Non-fiction religion/biblical teaching

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Website:  http://www.spokenwordpress.webs.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PowerfulPrayer30daychallenge
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LyndaDBrown