Swords & Sails – A Pirate Themed Adventure
by David McAvoy II

 Swords & Sails

The Legacy of the Red Lion

 by David McAvoy II


Tired of Zombies & Vampires? Imagine a world where Harry Potter meets Pirates of the Caribbean. Get Swords & Sails: Legacy of the Red Lion, the new book by Author David McAvoy. Sea monsters, daring rescues, and spectacular sword fights. If you love pirates and love adventure, then you will love Swords & Sails: Legacy of the Red Lion.

Edward Reynolds hates his life in the seaside village of Danscum and spends his time trying to figure out a way to see the world on the high seas. Then, one night, Edward finds himself taken aboard the pirate ship the Cerberus, captained by the feared Captain Wolfang. Edward soon finds himself sailing the world searching for a mysterious treasure his father left behind, a treasure Edward is determined to find if he can survive long enough to do so.

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Meet the Author – David McAvoy II

David has a Master Degree in Political Science from Arkansas State University and was a former Law student.


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Website:  http://www.PirateNovel.com
Goodreads:  http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6526107.David_McAvoy_II