Pet Names and Numerology by Amy Morford

Pet Names and Numerology:

Choose the Right Name For Your Pet

by Amy Morford

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Choosing a pet’s name is a daunting task. Amy Morford’s Pet Names and Numerology: Choose the Right Name For Your Pet makes the tricky task of selecting the most suitable pet name a lot easier. Morford says, “Your pet’s personality can be influenced by what you name it. Their natural temperament will count for approximately 70% and the name you choose will count for approximately 30% .”

Morford shows you how to analyze your pet’s name using the Pythagorean System number chart to correlate each letter of the alphabet to a specific number. Then, she illustrates how to break down the total sum of the numbers into a singular number which is used to analyze the influence of your pet’s name on his or her behavior.

It’s all very intriguing and a lot of fun. Amy Morford has been training dogs for over twenty years and wrote this book out of love and affection for her canine students. She enjoys assisting pet lovers in every way possible; including helping them choose the best name for their pet or pets using the ancient system of numerology.


Meet the Author – Amy Morford

Amy Morford has over twenty years of dog training experience with companion dogs, sport dogs and working breeds. Amy’s motivation to write about dogs stems from her love for dogs and their unbiased loyalty and devotion. It never ceases to amaze Amy what dogs are capable of learning, how badly they want to please, what a good judge of character they are, and how quickly they forgive. Amy’s goal is to provide helpful, accurate information to assist dog lovers with raising and training a well mannered, good tempered, happy, healthy, well adjusted companion, friend, partner and/or family pet.

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