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The Time Travel Directorate

A Time Travel Romance

by Penny Kim


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The world is on edge after a budget battle has shut down the U.S. government. Quite the problem when you’re fighting crime for the Time Travel Directorate, and the D.C. headquarters is your only lifeline out of historical chaos.

But crime doesn’t get furloughed. Now, the world’s most wanted time criminal, Julius Arnold, is wreaking havoc throughout history. Julius taunts the head of the Directorate, Mark Hay, by capturing his daughter, Kanon—a young inspector assigned to the French Revolution. Julius wastes no time erecting the guillotine, intent on making the beautiful Kanon his first victim.

With all of his inspectors out to pasture, and the rest sent home, Director Hay has one last hope in lowly analyst Vin Damato. Sparks fly as Vin encounters the single-minded Kanon in France. He’s on strict orders to bring her home, but once Vin realizes the depth of Julius Arnold’s evil scheme, he realizes Kanon is the one person he can trust. She might also be the only person who can bring Julius in for good.