Overcoming Chronic Dysthymic Depression

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My Journey in Overcoming
Chronic Dysthymic Depression


by Patricia Adrian Jordan


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Patricia Jordan was molded to be a fixer. But after enduring years of listening to negative statements and mistruths about herself, Jordan soon realized that she was unable to fix herself without help. In her poignant memoir detailing her life before, during, and after her diagnosis of dysthymic depression, Jordan offers a look into a childhood devoid of nurturing and continues chronologically through her life as she attempts to carry on a normal life, despite the mental haze that continued to monopolize her.
Patricia Jordan picWithin her personal anecdotes, Jordan carefully examines relationships and events leading up to her 2008 diagnosis. She provides insight into how she eventually learned to unravel the negative myths and, with the help of counseling and the power of prayer, moved forward from the darkness of depression into a place of healing that allowed her to finally reconcile her past and liberate herself from emotional pain. As she searched for inner peace and new ways to deal with life’s stressors, Jordan reveals how she began separating truth from fiction and eventually achieved victory in her long-term battle with depression.

“My Journey in Overcoming Chronic Dysthymic Depression” shares the inspirational story of how one woman finally learned to release negative emotions and replace them with healthy emotions of forgiveness and love.