BookLaunch: The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence


Achieving Lasting Joy and Happiness is Easier than You Think

The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence: Unlocking the Deeper Reality of Permanent Happiness, by Daniel F. Parmeggiani, takes a for-everyman approach to exploring our true, innocent nature and the absolute equality we share as spiritual beings. Neither a pop-spirituality book or a complex, intellectual manifesto—this book delivers a fresh perspective for those seeking rational, logical answers to life’s most perplexing questions. The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence celebrates that realizing our innocence and feeling unlimited happiness does not have to be a complicated, ego-driven process. You’ll be lifted to a higher place as you discover connection, fairness, safety and meaning really do exist in our world. Click here for more information about the book, bonus gifts and ordering!