FREE Guide to Dealing with Difficult People


The No-Excuses Guide to Dealing with Difficult People


FREE Oct 22-24

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Have you ever wondered how to effectively deal with the difficult people in your life as a Christian? 

Are you tired of people taking advantage of your kindness?

Jesus told us to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. Discover how to live with that edge…

Behold a blueprint to help you quickly peg the negative players in your life and give you practical life strategies to effectively deal with them.

Discover the scoundrels, troublemakers and difficult people out to get you:

1) The Wolves—they use fear and intimidation to devour and destroy. 

2) The Foxes—they use charm and cunning to control and manipulate. 

3) The Snakes—they use lies and deception to usurp power and position. 

The Wolves and The Foxes gives you the powerful life principles you need to reclaim what’s rightfully yours! In 60 minutes you’ll have a practical game plan for dealing with difficult people in the most effective ways possible.