Free – A Preacher Called Sinn: The Turbulent Life of a Protestant Minister

A Preacher Called Sinn:
The Turbulent Life of a Protestant Minister


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At the height of the hippie era, a bearded minister wearing sandals arrives on the campus of Indiana State University and opens a popular coffee house where musicians perform between inspirational readings. But soon, Duane’s involvement in liberal causes casts gloomy shadows over his once proud surname. A divorce prompts a call for his resignation.

Now, the mayor appoints him Executive Director of the Western Indiana Community Action Agency. But when Duane inadvertently hires serial killer, Larry Eyler, he faces a media frenzy that nearly destroys him.

A Preacher Called Sinn will encourage others to stay strong when it looks like all is lost. It’s a coming of age story that transitions into Duane’s life as a Protestant minister who falls in and out of love, starts over more than once, yet always remains true to himself.

FREE Today Only! – Achieve Your Dreams

Scott Hughes - Achieve your dreamsAchieve Your Dreams:
Why You Don’t
and How You Can


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“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

80% of people want to write a book. But 99% don’t. Why?

In this short book, Scott Hughes answers that question and in doing so provides a powerful call to achieving any dream. What is your dream?

From the creator of, this motivating, informative and easy-to-read book gives the reader both the inspiration and information to make ambitious goals a reality.

–Features an exciting introduction by MANNNtv star Adam Buongiovanni!

–Professionally edited by A. Lynn Powers!

Ellie Gets a Will and Trust – FREE TODAY! – A book for Kids & Parents

Ellie Gets a Will and Trust:


Estate Planning (Little Lawyers)
by CPA/Attorney Quan Vuong


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This book teaches parents about the basics of estate planning ( wills and trusts ) in a manner that is also entertaining for their children. The story follows a little girl as she learns the importance of using a will and trust to plan for the distribution of her toys.

Chakras For Beginners – FREE thru may 30Th

Michael Williams -jonash_chakras
Chakras For Beginners –

How to Awaken And Balance Chakras, Radiate Positive Energy And Heal Yourself (FREE Bonus Included) (Chakras, Chakras For Beginners, Awaken Chakras, Third Eye)

FREE May 27 – 30

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★Awaken and Unleash the Amazing Powers of Your Chakras★

Are you feeling lost and listless? Are you looking for balance in all the wrong places? Could you benefit from a clearer mind or a healthier life?

If you find yourself saying ‘Yes’ to any of the above, then Chakras for Beginners: How to Awaken And Balance Chakras, Radiate Positive Energy And Heal Yourself is the guidebook for you. In this compact, thorough guide, you’ll learn all about the fascinating history of the chakras, and how their natural powers can bring balance and harmony to your life.

The various chakras explored in this guide include:

  • The Root
  • The Navel Center
  • The Heart
  • The Thymus
  • The Throat
  • The Third Eye
  • The Crown

For thousands of years, the Hindus have documented the various energy points located throughout the body. These psychic force fields, known as the seven chakras, emanate energy from within, and by unlocking their power one can reap the benefits of a healthier mind and balanced life.

Here’s what to expect in the Beginner’s guide:

  • What the chakras are and how they work
  • The locations of the chakras and their various uses
  • Steps and strategies on how to awaken your chakras
  • Balancing the chakras
  • How to heal damaged chakras
  • Applying these strategies to enhance your life
  • And much, much more!

Tackle suffering, illness, and emotional stagnation at its source by unlocking the power from within. Accept positive energy back into your life by balancing and activating your chakras. The benefits of a reinvigorated aura are endless—all it takes is a little introspection.

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of balance, clarity, and inner strength, then look no further than this wonderful introductory guide to the fascinating and illuminating world of the chakras.

FREEBIE – A Hero’s Curse – YA Fantasy

PS Broaddus - a heros curse
A Hero’s Curse
(The Unseen Chronicles Bk1)


FREE thru May 28


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Essie Brightsday has never heard a rock basilisk scream. She has never worn magical armor, stood up to a queen, or run from dragons. Instead, Essie, her sarcastic cat Tigrabum, (just call him “Tig”), and her secretive family struggle to survive on their small farm nestled against the forbidding cliffs of the Valley of Fire.

But all that is about to change when a rebellion against the cruel interim ruler is sparked. Forced to flee for their lives, Essie and Tig lose themselves in the twisting labyrinth of the ancient lava flow. When Essie finds proof that the missing King Mactogonii may be alive, she is given the opportunity to help restore stability to the kingdom. But the course of her journey will force her to face her deepest fears and unravel the mystery behind her own blindness…if Essie can survive the encounter.

Need an Author or Business website?

Host Presto joomla

How to Create a Website with Joomla


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Joomla is a popular Content Management System(CMS) which is used to build various types of websites and applications. It is Open Source and free to use. Joomla is developed using PHP and it uses a MySQL database to store its data. Joomla is very easy to install and setup as is does not require any knowledge of coding, you can create your website within minutes. Joomla can be used to create any kind of website like corporate websites, e-commerce stores, and also personal websites. There are more than 8000 themes and extensions available which you can use to add more features to your website. In this short tutorial we will learn about installing Joomla, both automatically and manually. We will also learn to create a basic website using articles and menus, installing templates and extensions along with speeding your Joomla website.


Cheetahs’ Craving: a BBW Paranormal Menage Shapeshifter Romance.

Kate kent-Cheetahs_Cravingx600Cheetahs’ Craving:

BBW Paranormal Menage Shape Shifter Romance
(Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club Book 1)

By Kate Kent


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Cheetahs’ Craving – Mail Order Bride Menage Romance (Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club)
2 Cheetah Shifters Ready to Mate + 1 Ready and Willing BBW = Hot n’ Sexy Pleasure!

A dash of danger and suspense, a splash of humor, 6 sexy, curvy girls looking for love, hot, hunky shifters ready to mate and a LOT of romance = ‘Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club’!


Fed up with their love lives (or lack of one) 6 beautiful, sassy women decide to take matters into their own hands and start the ‘Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club’. But there’s something extra special about this club; it’s for curvy girls and shifter men ONLY – regular guys need NOT apply!

Carrie Winters is the first to be matched by the club. But she has an unexpected surprise when she meets her mate. Plus she discovers there are complications in the form of another hunky shifter!

Will the ‘Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club’ make a happy match? Or will Carrie’s rocky start leave her still hoping and wishing she could find that special someone.

Cheetahs’ Craving is a BBW Paranormal Menage Shapeshifter Romance. This is first story in the Curvy Girls Mail Order Bride Series. These short stories include strong sexual themes and language.

From hustling crack on a corner to practicing law — be inspired by the FELON ATTORNEY



by TheArthur A. Duncan II, Esq


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I shared my story to inspire and give hope to ex-offenders and to change people’s perspectives of them. I also pray that my journey will motivate others to pursue their dreams regardless of their circumstances. I graduated from law school at the age of 43 with a wife and 5 kids.

From hustling crack on a corner to practicing law in a courtroom…this is my story! My journey will inspire you!

I am living proof that despite your past, your dreams can still come true. This book is a MUST read for parents who want to inspire their children, along with mentors, coaches, teachers, professors, administrators and pastors to share with others. Also judges, parole or probation officers who seek to inspire someone that has some legal issues will reference my story. But most importantly, any ex-con or felon or a person with a criminal record in or out of jail, can read my story and be inspired and will find hope.


My story begins as I escape the violence of the crips and bloods street gangs in South Central LA and the abuse of a cocaine addicted stepfather; only to go back to Buffalo, NY and perpetuate both ills by becoming a drug dealer myself. Ironically, I became a part of what victimized my family and me in Los Angeles. I risked it all for material gains and lived life on the edge. I wound up in prison and had to put my life back together. While incarcerated, I found the God in me that I had long buried. After 3 years, I was released back into society and tempted by my old lifestyle; but I chose a different route.


Along the way,I encountered many disappointments, ups and downs, and close calls but I succeeded.This is the story of the FELON-ATTORNEY!

FREE – Cursed: The Immortal – Paranormal Romance

Portia perotti-cursedtheimmortalperotti
The Immortal
(The Andersen Family Series Bk1)


Free May 19 & 20


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CURSED: The Immortal
An Andersen Family Contemporary Paranormal Romance

An ancient curse, a priceless necklace, and immortality hanging in the balance…

The paranormally gifted Andersen siblings think the Redroux job will be a fairly simple ghost evac. But when they find Ruarke, a hot and bothered, sexy immortal locked in Lady Jessamine Redroux’s castle dungeon and discover the existence of a priceless ruby necklace both sides are willing to die for, things start to get a little medieval… and cursed.

Determined to free her sexy warlord-in-chains, Andrina Andersen finds herself immersed in an ancient battle for freedom and power because she’s fallen a little in love. But with Jessamine using means both fair and foul to get inside the castle and Ruarke doing everything he can to keep her out while battling his unexpected attraction to Andrina, the Andersens find their paranormal abilities taxed to the limits–to say nothing of their normal ones.

Can the Andersen siblings find a way to free Ruarke and keep the ruby necklace from falling into the hands of evil? With her heart hanging in the balance, can Andrina put her feelings aside long enough to do the job she was paid to do… or will the Redroux curse finally be the damning of them all?

Free Forever: How to Embrace Nonconformity and Live Your Dreams

Dominic Mann Free Forever
Free Forever:

How to Embrace Nonconformity and Live Your Dreams

by Dominic Mann


Free May 18 – 22


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When thinking about your life, do you wonder, “Is that all there is?” Do you yearn for a better, happier existence?

You’re not alone. What if the key to a happy, successful life is easier than you’ve ever imagined?

As Free Forever: How to Embrace Non-Conformity and Live Your Dreams explains, most people are caught in an evolutionary trap. Whereas for most of human history, trying to fit in and please others was an advantage, today it cripples us from truly valuing ourselves.

Find out how to resist your conformist instincts and reap the benefits of non-conformity with your career, your relationships, and your social life. Using the practical, easy-to-follow tips Free Forever provides, you’ll be able to conquer your fears, embrace uncertainity, and brave rejection.

You’ll learn:

The importance of vulnerability

How to be your authentic self

Why wealth flows to those who don’t pursue it

The magic of fake confidence

And much more!

No matter what your current circumstances, you can transform your life to one truly worth living. Grab Free Forever today, and find the freedom you deserve!

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