Book Launch News: No Storm Lasts Forever
by Dr. Terry Gordon

Important book launch today, with free gifts! Tragedies can be opportunities for growth, enlightenment and positive change. In “No Storm Lasts Forever,” an American Heart Association Physician of the Year recounts his weathering of a horrific family tragedy that caused him to re-think everything. Order the book today during the official launch and get valuable free gifts with it!

Renowned cardiologist Dr. Terry Gordon seemed to have it all – until a fateful phone call in the night. This true story by an American Heart Association Physician of the Year is proof that our trials can be opportunities for growth, enlightenment. Order this magnificent book today during the launch and get free gifts:

Don’t miss the fantastic new book by an American Heart Association Physician of the Year recounting his experience of a terrible ordeal – and how he was able to transform tragedy into an opportunity for growth and enlightenment. Order during today’s launch and get valuable free gifts:


The Fall, a young adult dystopian/scifi by David L Dawson

“If you are a FAN of the HUNGER GAMES,
You will enjoy this book!”

The first volume in the exciting new
dystopian fiction series!

Our future of planet Earth is bleak.  Two warring gods have decimated the planet.  Fanatical religious cults, cannibals and cat/human hybrids are just some of the dangers out there.  A young boy called Ben Casper lives in a crumbling shopping mall called The Glass Palace with his family. He’s just come back from a rites of passage into the brutal outside world that officially makes him an adult. Now he must get married and be trained to take over from his father as Mayor. Except he sees things differently now.  He doesn’t want responsibility. The only things he truly wants is to go back out into the world and win the love of Brian, who happens to be his best friend’s brother.  Only he might have responsibility thrust upon him when he becomes embroiled in a conspiracy to kill the gods and save the world; a plot that could lead everyone he loves into mortal danger…



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Free BestSelling Romance Book:
RETURN TO YOU by Kate Perry

RETURN TO YOU by Kate Perry

FREE for Kindle, Nook & iPad


Laurel Heights Book #3

That rat bastard Michael Wallace is back.

The last person Olivia Parker expects to walk into her lingerie shop is her high school sweetheart. She’s so over him. Mostly. Except that he’s hotter than ever and still knows her better than she knows herself. But how can she risk her heart when she knows he’s just going to leave again?

It’s a simple plan: return home, shoot the movie, and leave emancipated from the contract he signed eleven years before. But Michael’s plan gets blown away the moment he sees Olivia again. Smart, sexy, and successful, Olivia is distraction personified. Only worse than that—Michael fears Olivia may be his heart and soul…

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“THE DOOR IS OPEN: The 7 Steps of Spiritual Awakening that Western Mythology and Scripture Have Been Trying to Tell Us All Along” by Andrew Cort

What do the wonderful myths of ancient Greece, the beautiful stories in the Bible and Qur’an, and all the sacred stories from traditions around the world, have in common? They open our hearts to wonder, mystery, passion, and joy.

On the outside, these stories seem very different, confusing, conflicting, and often violent and divisive. But when read symbolically and internally, they are all telling the same story. They show us the path of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Sometimes the story is called “Returning to the Promised Land”. Sometimes it’s called “Seeking the Holy Grail”. Sometimes it’s called “Persephone’s Return to Olympus” or “Muhammad’s Journey to the Seven Heavens”. But whatever it’s called, the inner meaning and purpose is always the same. The stories are all a call to awaken, to live passionately and consciously.

Andrew Cort

The door is always open. The light is always ready to receive us. But we have to learn how to tread the path! Fortunately, that’s what all the sacred stories are really about.

THE DOOR IS OPEN uncovers the 7 Universal Steps that are found within the symbols and allegories of all great mythology and scripture. Each chapter ends with a series of practical and enjoyable spiritual exercises and activities. You can do this work on your own, or together with a group. It could be a church or synagogue group, a book club, a classroom, or any group of friends who want to get together and expand their spiritual horizons.






Book Launch News: “dailygreatness journal: A Practical Guide For Consciously Creating Your Days”

Hot New Book Launch Today With Great Bonus Gifts! Become a master of your mindset with a unique new guide book, “dailygreatness journal: A Practical Guide For Consciously Creating Your Days.” It’s the personal development journal you always wanted!

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Have You Seen the Authors Showcase TV Show?

With all of the changes in publishing today it is increasingly more difficult for new authors to introduce themselves to potential readers. Amazon is a fine place to go and buy a book you know you want, but what replaces the experience of browsing a bookstore?

Authors Showcase is a TV show with the objective of introducing readers to 10 to 20 new books and authors in a 30 minute program. There is a new episode every month. Recently they have covered The Chicago Tribune Printers Row Litfest, the RT (Romantic Times) Book Lovers Convention, the AWP (Association of Writers Programs) Conference and a number of smaller events.

The format is fast paced with several short segments featuring authors discussing their books interspersed with 5 or 6 book trailers per episode. The show is viewable on Chicago cable channel 25 every Thursday at 8PM or can be watched online 24/7 at

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The Heart of a Gypsy by Roberta Kagan

The Heart of a Gypsy

by Roberta Kagan

During the Nazi occupation bands of freedom fighters roamed the forests of Eastern Europe. They hid and waged their own private war against Hitler. Among them were groups of Romany people (gypsies).

The Heart of a Gypsy is a spellbinding love story filled with the Romance and magic of the Gypsy culture. It takes place in Poland during the reign of the Third Reich. It is a tale of a people who would not surrender their freedom.

Enter into a little known world where only a few have traveled before… The world of the Romany.

If you enjoy Romance, secret traditions, riveting action, and steamy sex….you will love
“The Heart of A Gypsy.”  on Amazon


Discover intense romantic fiction with important historical influences by this intriguing author…..

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Bioethics for Beginners: 60 Cases and Cautions from the Moral Frontier of Healthcare by Glenn McGee

A Important New Book
From NY Times Best Selling Author
America’s most prominent bioethicist
Syndicated columnist for The Scientist and Hearst Newspapers
Glenn McGee

Bioethics for Beginners:
60 Cases and Cautions from the Moral Frontier of Healthcare

This riveting new book introduces you to  the future of biomedicine and healthcare in ordinary language





How far is too far?

60 cases illustrating modern bioethical dilemmas

Bioethics for Beginners maps the giant dilemmas posed by new technologies and medical choices, using 60 cases taken from our headlines, and from the worlds of medicine and science. This eminently readable book takes it one case at a time, shedding light on the social, economic and legal side of 21st century medicine while giving the reader an informed basis on which to answer personal, practical questions. Unlocking the debate behind the headlines, this book combines clear thinking with the very latest in science and medicine, enabling readers to decide for themselves exactly what the scientific future should hold.



Work From Home as a Freelance Copywriter
by Reno Charlton

Work From Home
as a Freelance Copywriter


Do you have a passion and flair for writing? Would you like to put this passion and flair to good use?

Freelance copywriting is a service that is always in demand, with businesses around the world always on the lookout for good copywriters to work with. As a freelance copywriter you could find yourself creating all sorts of copy, from website content and articles to press releases, direct mail letters, slogans, press advertisements and more.

Ask yourself these questions:
Do I want to escape the 9-5 rat race and work for myself from the comfort of home?

Do I want to enjoy the chance to earn more money by being in control of the work that I take on and setting my own prices?

Would I be able to put my creative skills to good use by producing high quality copy for a global client base?

If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’ then freelance copywriting could be the perfect career for you.

This guide provides you with details of how I became a successful copywriter, enabling you to chart and follow the steps that I took in order to break into this competitive field. Although you will find a number of guides on the market offering advice on how to break into a career in freelance writing, many are based purely on research that has been carried out online. This guide is based on personal experience, which means that you can be confident that the information provided to you really can help you to become a successful freelance copywriter.

This is an opportunity to learn how to have a successful writing career from successful copywriter: Reno Charlton

Get Your Copy: Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK)

Learn more about: Reno Charlton

Author: Reno Charlton


“I started my freelance copywriting career over eight years ago and during that time I have had a constant supply of writing work from clients around the world. This has enabled me to enjoy a successful writing career working from home. In my guide ‘Work From Home as a Freelance Copywriter’ I will show readers how to follow what I did in order to get their freelance writing career off the ground. Since releasing this eBook, I have had several readers contact me personally to thank me and to let me know that they have secured paid writing work.”






Fast Food and Gin On the Lawn by Saira Viola

by Saira Viola


Fast Food and Gin on the Lawn is a unique and contemporary insight into the political and cultural landscape of our times . Viola uses emotive and irreverent language to describe the condition of humanity . She draws upon inspiration from art, nature and social injustice to reflect the theatre of life , using different techniques and structural styles to convey narrative and abstract themes . Viola has a remarkably individual tone that is witty dreamlike and powerfully unsettling….



Author Saira Viola


Saira Viola:

“I am a fiction writer poet and social commentator I have devised a new literary technique called “sonicscatterscipt” whereby I take lyrical beats, art, references to popular culture street slang and nature to meld a new kind of language that verges on poetry : “She was a flirt and skirt chick with a Jenna Jameson bounce” . I write about the damaged , the broken the guilty the misfits the outsiders and of course the privileged and the elite….”

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