Adult Content: 3 Short Stories

Michelle Outlaw Corp BR

Adult Content: 3 Erotic Short Stories for 99¢

Corporate Bedroom

Join Nyla, Michelle and Mila in their three erotic short stories about the Corporate Bedroom. Promotions, bonuses, and “happy endings.”

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About the Author: Michelle Outlaw

Michelle Outlaw has been writing since she was twelve. Michelle enjoys people watching and studying human behavior. She is from a small town in SC just outside of Charlotte, NC. Growing up in a small town where women whispered over lemonade, and cookies, ghost haunted historical buildings and homes, and her own family had ancestor worship. Michelle’s imagination was fed and blossomed by the whispers, and the “southern ladies”. She writes erotic thrillers, and paranormal stories for her readers to escape and enjoy.. Michelle says she is a hedonistic voyeur, and invites as many people to join her in her Garden of Literary Eden.